About Me

A photo of the author working on a metal lathe.

You can contact me at emilio.g.latorre@gmail.com

I I recently graduated from BU with a BA in Computer Science and Psychology. I have also taken extensive coursework in Computer Engineering, Japanese, and Spanish literature. My studies in Computer Science have tended more towards hardware and low-level subjects, and my courses in Psychology have mostly been about brain physiology and psychopharmacology. Some other interests of mine include:

•Classic cars
•Old computers
•Martial arts
•3d printers

I speak the following languages:

•Spanish (native speaker)
•Japanese (intermediate)
•French (beginner)

As well as the following programming and markup languages:

•Various Assembly Languages
•Verilog HDL

If you want to talk about any of that or collaborating on something, feel free to send me an email!

This website is not a wordpress, I made it from scratch.